Group of advanced Automation of Machines, Highly complex processes and Environments

Participant: Rodolfo Haber

Conference: IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE SSCI 2014), December 9-12, 2014, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Summary: This work proposes the application of a hybrid incremental modeling strategy (HIM) for real-time estimation of surface roughness in micromachining processes. This strategy essentially consists of two steps. First, a representative hybrid incremental model of micromachining process is obtained. The final result of this model is a function of two inputs (feed per tooth quadratic and vibration mean quadratic (rms) in the Z axis) and output (surface roughness Ra). Second, the incremental hybrid model is evaluated in real time for obtaining the surface roughness. The model is experimentally corroborated by integrating in an embedded real-time monitoring system of surface finish. The prototype evaluation shows a success rate in the estimate of surface roughness of 83%. These results are the basis for the development of embedded systems for monitoring of surface finish of micro-pieces in real time and the subsequent development of a utility at industrial level.