Group of advanced Automation of Machines, Highly complex processes and Environments

GAMHE is a research group of the Centre for Automation and Robotics (CAR), CSIC-UPM. Founded in 1981, GAMHE has a long tradition in advanced research in intelligent automation, mainly for manufacturing processes.

As early as the early 1980s, GAMHE designed the first genuinely Spanish CNC numerical control system, the Fagor Automation CNC 8000. The technology developed then was acquired by General Electric, and the Spanish company also supplied the necessary know-how to companies in China and India, for manufacture under licence.

Until 1994, research focused on the machine level, basically servosystems. From this date onwards, work was intensified, focusing on the application of Artificial Intelligence for modeling and control.


In recent years, research work has focused on the conjunction of soft-computing, novel control strategies and advanced computational algorithms in order to capitalize synergies among:

  • Control strategies and Artificial Intelligence-based techniques (e.g., internal model control, model reference adaptive control, cognitive-based control).
  • Hybridization of knowledge representation (e.g, Fuzzy Logic), learning (e.g, Artificial Neural Networks) and optimization (e.g., evolutionary computation, simulated annealing and cross entropy).
  • Advanced computational algorithms and communication technologies (e.g., adaptive middleware, self-"X" strategies).