Group of advanced Automation of Machines, Highly complex processes and Environments

Networked cognitive control system for high-performance manufacturing processes (COGNETCON)
National Research Project.

Duration: 2008-2012

High-performance manufacturing processes encompass cutting processes from the macro scale to the micro and nano scales.  These latter are regarded as highly complex, and the control technologies currently in application have meager or in some cases practically no benefits to offer them.  So, the scientific community is working actively on developing intelligent manufacturing systems and control strategies to optimize high-performance manufacturing processes.  The objective of this project is to develop a method for designing a networked cognitive control system for high-performance manufacturing processes.  The idea is to evolve intelligent controllers by incorporating competition strategies, which are a key aspect of cognitive systems.  The cognitive control system based on internal models will have a federated (hierarchical and heterarchical) architecture, with intelligent units (self-optimized neuro-fuzzy units) that are endowed with inductive and transductive reasoning and advanced levels of coordination through the network.  From the technical standpoint, this approach to the scientific objectives enables other end results to be focused upon as well, concerning the high-performance drilling process and the development of technologies to enable more efficient, faster manufacturing through cooperative, self-organized, self-optimized behavior by process control systems.  In short, the method for designing a networked cognitive control system will provide the what, how and why in optimized behavior targeting the objectives of a high-performance manufacturing process.