Group of advanced Automation of Machines, Highly complex processes and Environments

Adaptive Cooperative Control in Urban (sub)Systems (ACCUS)
ARTEMIS. European Commission.

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Duration: 2013-2016

The goal of ACCUS is to integrate of urban systems like traffic, energy, and outdoor lighting. This integration represents a truly “systems of systems” integration problem since these urban systems evolve independently.

As a result, the integration has to manage emergent behavior and take non-availability of components as the norm rather than the exception.This is particularly challenging when control loop span across several systems.

ACCUS aims at three innovations:

  • Provide an integration and coordination platform for urban systems to build applications across urban systems
  • Provide adaptive and cooperative control architecture and corresponding algorithms for urban subsystems in order to optimize their combined performance
  • Provide general methodologies and tools for creating real-time collaborative applications for systems of systems

ACCUS studies a set of so-called converged scenarios that span across urban systems to investigate requirements and defines reference architecture for the integration of urban systems, based on semantic descriptions. 



Artemis-JU – Grant Agreement nº: 333020